Financial anxiety is up around the globe – Moneyweb Surveys (2020) suggests that many people are perilously unprepared for a major economic jolt

As the world reels from the economical shockwaves of the COVID-19 Pandemic, surveys (Moneyweb, 2020) suggest that we are unprepared for a major economical shock.

The following statistics were taken from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s 2020 International Survey of Adult Financial Literacy.

  • 42% of the 125 787 adults selected “worrying about meeting everyday expenses”;
  • 40% selected their concern about their financial situation; and
  • 37% selected that they are making ends meet.

The survey also included an open-ended question: “If you lost your main source of income, how long could you continue to cover your living expenses, without borrowing any money or moving to a new house?”

The answers:

  • 28% said a week;
  • 25% said a month;
  • 15% said three months;
  • 18% said more than six months; and
  • 14%, reported not knowing

Authors of the study suggest these responses as, “revealing of either unpreparedness to consider such eventuality or lack of resources for a financial cushion” which grows the concern given the threat of mass long-term unemployment. The survey concludes with a discussion on the financial precariousness in this increasingly unstable world is far from evenly distributed.

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Source: Moneyweb (2020)

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