Medical Aid: A healthy trolley for a healthy life

The article below, showcases insights by Philip Marais from Momentum Multiply into what it means to shop healthy and make better choices when it comes to what you put in your trolley.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 70% of women, 31% of men and 13% of children in South Africa are overweight or obese. The question is: what do we going to do about it?

The reality is that our poor state of health has a lot to do with how we shop. According to Philip Marais, Head of Health Solutions at leading rewards provider, Momentum Multiply, we need to take stock of our trolleys before checkout.

“It’s far too easy to give in to bad eating habits when your kitchen is stocked with sweets, processed food and sugary drinks. We need to realize that the road to good health is found in the trolley you fill when you go grocery shopping,” says Marais.

He says good health starts with good choices. “Like anything worth doing, shifting one’s lifestyle requires effort and consistency, but it always starts with the right information.”

First things first – follow the list
1. Unpreparedness is the heart of distraction. “Having a list will help you get through the store more quickly and help keep your healthy eating goals in sight.” With Covid-19 and the national lock-down, many retailers now offer home delivery, which makes it even simpler to get your groceries home.

  1. “Another tip is to never shop on an empty stomach,” advises Marais. He advises to write your list, have a snack and only then should you head to the shops.”

Produce the right results
1. “It will come as no surprise that the fruits and vegetables section of the grocery store is where you want to focus most of your weekly grocery shopping. If you’re going to take your time in any section of the store, make it this one,” says Marais.

  1. “Find those fruits and veggies that you and your family love – and don’t be afraid to try some new ones, incorporating them into different recipes. It’s good to have an assortment of colourful fruits and vegetables as these colours reflect the vitamins and minerals they contain.”

Whole grains over processed any day
When it comes to breads, pastas and cereals, Marais says you should always opt for whole grain foods. “Whole grains give your body more nutrients and are a great source of dietary fibre, magnesium and other minerals. However, this process also negatively impacts the grain’s nutritional profile. Plus, including whole grains in your diet has shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.”

Get rewarded for making healthy trolley choices
1. To look after your body, you need to be vigilant in the way you shop. Sure, it can cost a bit more to fill your trolley with healthier foods, but many people can subsidize this through a rewards programme.

Marais believes it’s possible for South Africans to turn their lives around and start making those simple lifestyle changes that will change their lives for the better. Try to cultivate just one shopping habit that you can maintain over several weeks and see if you reap the benefits.

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Source: (FA News, 2021)

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