How South Africans can save money with day hospitals

An article by FA News (2020) on day hospitals brings to light the transformation of the surgical experience for millions of patients, in providing a cost-effective and convenient alternative to hospital-based surgery, as per Affinity Health. This time of year is when people receive notification on fee increases, which is why Affinity Health advises people to utilize day hospitals to minimize medical aid fee increases.

Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health says, “South Africans with access to private healthcare should think differently about where they go for certain surgical procedures because this has a direct bearing on their costs.”

Hewlett further states that whilst some consumers downgrade their medical plan, or consider more competitive offerings, it is easier to simply stay in control of medical expenses that are incurred throughout the year, which by going so keeps premium increases to a minimum.  Statistics show that of approximately 70% of surgical procedures that are performed safely in a day hospital, only 15% is being done. Rather, it is advised that people ask their doctors if certain procedures can be performed in a day hospital, as chances are an overnight stay would not be required.

In addition to the clear cost-benefit, the following can be seen as other advantages:
• Quicker turnaround time
• No staff shifts/rotation – work with the people you know
• Day Clinic is a safer / easier controllable environment, less risk
• More Patients can be reached
• Lower costs for the same procedures

The question is, if there is a way to take the power back into your own hands by insisting upon more cost-effective alternatives, why not do so? Our financial experts have been unpacking and providing practical advice on the best ways to preserve your financial freedom. Contact our financial advisors to ensure that you are receiving shariah compliant finance advise.

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(Source: FA News, 2020)

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